Passion For TV Bridges Digital Divide


Mapping human interaction online is tricky. But new research from the U.K. of Facebook realtime data reveals a lot about how we watch TV in the digital age. The study found of all TV-related discussions taking place on mobile devices, 60 per cent happened as shows were actually airing. Some 2.5 million people in the U.S., for example, chatted through the final scene of Breaking Bad. The implications for TV advertising and Facebook are huge. Could this be a chance for Mark Zuckerberg to make even more money?

--via OZY and WIRED

Google Glass Looks Ridiculous Until It's Your Time To Wear It

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.18.03 AM.png

While wearables like Google Glass seem silly and creepy in the current state of technology our hate for them is a little nearsighted. Remember, there was a time when talking on a cell phone looked stupid too. Today, hands-free is the law in many states but just a few years ago if you saw someone talking to themselves in the car you called the law out of concern for their mental stability. Chances are the future you will be super pumped to score that Apple iHat Christmas morning 2021. Something to think about before calling out someone for looking ridiculousness.

P.S. Guy in the club with Google Glass on…you look ridiculous and I hope that holds true in 2021.